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Introduction of IOMIST Skin Care and Hair Care Products

Following "IOMIST Clear Lotion" introduced in January, LITEC Corporation presented "IOMIST Essence Gel" .at the beginning of April, 2013.

IOMIST clear lotion is produced mixing IOMIST, which is made by combining tourmaline ultrafine particles with special catalytic agents to generate negative ion and micro current on skin, with local ginger leaf essence from Okinawa Main Island and sponge cucumber essence from Miyako Island. IOMIST Essence Gel is produced adding several kinds of domestic plant essences such as Okra from Okinawa, Yukinoshita from Kagawa and Tokushima and Obaku from Shimane to the gel.

IOMIST not only removes skin dirt and prompts exfoliation but also maintains clear and healthy skin with negative ion. The negative electrical potential neutralizes the positive electrical potential accumulated in hypoderm and the micro current similar to cell bioelectricity carries its beauty ingredients to the skin to increase the ion penetration. The micro current is also effective against a puffy face and feet.

LITEC Corporation headquartered in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in High Frequency Power PIN Diode. While developing semiconductors, the company happened to discover the substance of IOMIST. Having acquired the patent in Japan, it will focus on health & beauty products in addition to the development, manufacturing and sales of electronic components.

In addition to skin care products, Hair Treatment Essence will be launched in November 2013. IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence 200ml is truly focused on middle aged or senior aged hair both for female and male. Majority of these generations have a common concern about thin-down and softening of each hair which makes total hair volume down. Our hair treatment essence will solve this common concern among middle and senior aged people. Of course, offer a good effect to young hair.

More than 10 kinds of amino acid and domestic plant essence are contained as well as IOMIST which make hair smoother.

New Release!

In the early summer of 2016, another IOMIST product is launched. Moisture Milk 150ml contains Algan Oil, effective anti-aging care, and botanical base Squalene, in addition to 8 other botanical essences. For daily and night skin care, this moisture milk will act as finisher. Use Clear Lotion and Essence Gel together. 150ml size bottle is enough to use also as rich body lotion after bath time. Let's try it.

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Retail Price List

  • IOMIST Essence Gel

    IOMIST Essence Gel 100ml

    USD 38.00 per bottle

  • IOMISTMoisture Milk

    IOMIST Moisture Milk 150ml

    USD 36.00 per bottle

  • IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence

    IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence 200ml

    USD29.50 per bottle

Above price excludes overseas freight charge by EMS. Actual EMS fee will be calculated and invoiced based on order volume.

Order Procedure from Overseas

  • step1

    Please contact us by email.

    Email address: info@wa-won.jp

  • step2

    We will send you quotation with actual EMS charge.

  • step3

    If you accept, we will send invoice issued through PAYPAL. You can download the invoice and select any credit card.


  • step4

    Once payment will be confirmed, EMS will be arranged. It will take almost one week until you receive goods. EMS tracking number will be informed by email.

Applications and Usage

  • IOMIST Essence Gel
  • IOMIST Essence Gel

IOMIST Essence Gel

Essence gel can be replaced with current condensed essence and milky lotion or cream.

After refreshing your skin by IOMIST clear lotion, as the skin is ready to accept rich and natural botanical essence into, you can enjoy how IOMIST essence gel will penetrate into skin deeply.

Essence gel includes 9 kinds of Japan domestic botanical essence, which lead your skin become younger and truly translucent.

  • IOMIST Moisture Milk
  • IOMIST Moisture Milk

IOMIST Moisture Milk

New Release!

Moisture milk contains Algan Oil, effective aging care offering, and 8 other botanical base essences. Very rich but light feeling you can enjoy!

After clearlotion and essence gel usage, this moisture milk will cover your skin gently and penetrate into skin deeply.

Not only for face care, but for body care, please try to use after your bath time.

  • IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence
  • IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence

IOMIST Hair Treatment Essence

After shampoo and rinsing, dry the hair using towel.

Before dryer, use one or two push of Hair Treatment Essence onto the hair and seek well. Then, use dryer.

Next morning, you do not worry about resetting your hair style and you can keep your hair style as you imagine in a whole day.

Principle of IOMIST

Tourmaline by itself generates few negative ions. (about 20-40 ions/cc). Ultra fine particles of a negatively charged catalyst helps to produce a tremendous amount of negative ions. (about 15,000 ions/cc)

Measuring Data

  • Equipment: Air Ion Counter by FISA
  • Temp./Humid.: 17 degC / 62%RH
  • Measuring time: 1 minute
  • Ave. Positive ion:0 ion/cc
  • Ave: Negative ion: 15,558 ion/cc
  • Difference:15,558 ion/cc